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Hey! Thank YA'll( see what i did there... nevermind) for stopping by.I am a lover of books, butterflies, buttons, baby animals, Caramel Apple Suckers and Vanilla Coke (Who cares if those last two don't start with a "B"?) Writing and Reading are my passions, but unfortunately the latter can get expensive. So, here i will post giveaways of the literary kind. ARCS, signed copies, swag, random rants, babbling blurbs, so on and so forth. Anything to do with YA. Cause who doesn't love books?!?!?!?

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Reviews *NEW*

For my very first review, EVER, i chose Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

This book took me less than 24 hours to read. Once i started reading about Clay and Hannah, i just couldn't put it down. 13RW is one of the most beautiful, devastating, heartbreaking, funny, tragic and honest books that i've ever read. Reputations, even the unearned ones, change lives in more ways than you can possibly imagine and one person's reaction can cause a negavtive chain reaction. Hannah took the slander and lies for as long as she could before deciding to end her life. But she refused to let those people she held responsible get off scott free. They were given tapes to listen to, the ones on which Hannah had recorded her story and a map. This voyage gets tough in some places, but thats what makes it so real. Jay Asher did an amazing job. I cried for the last two chapters, but was simultaneously cheering for Clay , for the person he had become all while i was sad Hannah had felt the way she did.


The Space Between

The Space Between by Alexandra SokoloffSixteen-year-old Anna Sullivan has never really fit in, or tried to. When she was five her mom vanished and since then she's been charged with taking care of her war-traumatized, alcoholic father.

Once Anna goes to sleep, horrible dreams seem to seek her out. They're terrible. In them she sees classmates and teachers die horrible, bloody deaths at the hands of a crazed killer. Classmate, and Anna's out-of-her-league crush, Tyler appears in these dreams too... and he always dies.

When Tyler seeks Anna out and confides that he knows what she's dreaming and he's a part of it somehow, Anna becomes convinced they're being shown the future so they can stop it... but that's not exactly the case. The truth is much deeper and mind-blowing than she could ever have imagined. Alternate universes are what they're dealing with.

This book is a work of awesome. I devoured it in less than 5 hours. Alexandra Sokoloff wove an intricate story line with threads of horror and science fiction. There were even points I laughed because her characters are so real and easy to relate to. Also, the detail in which the story is described is concise, yet absolutely amazing without all the sparkly, superfluous words of description. You are right there with Anna choking on the smoke, feeling the fear that drives her, experiencing the Santa Ana winds at your back.

I cannot stress how much i enjoyed experiencing this book. Buy it, the alternate universe you probably already has... ;p

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FatefulFateful by Claudia Gray

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fateful by Claudia GrayThe Titanic, werewolves and a class -defying love story. If your interest was piqued at those words, you'll love it as much as i did. If they didn't make you want to drop everything and read this book, there's something wrong with you (maybe). It was vaguely reminiscent of the movie Titanic, but better. WAY, way better!

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The Juliet SpellThe Juliet Spell by Douglas Rees

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

(Contains Spoilers!!!!!)Miranda will do anything to be cast as Juliet in her school's production of Romeo & Juliet. Anything. Including cast a spell that goes horribly wrong and brings a 1590's man, Edmund, into the 21st century... and he just so happens to be the younger brother of William Shakespeare himself.

First off, let me say that Rees is a very talented author and The Juliet Spell was a good read, but not great. When every character that found out about Edmund's true origin they just accepted it. I mean yeah, he talked like he stepped out of the Bible, but it was just odd that no one questioned Miranda's sanity. Or better yet, looked for a spell to send him back. In the end it was science that sent him back way too suddenly and instead of trying to send Edmund back, the focus centered mostly on the play.

All in all i enjoyed reading this book. I did expect more focus on the "Spell" part of the title instead of so much of just the Juliet, but Miranda was funny and Edmund was hilarious as Miranda and her friends introduced him to things like cars, television and modern day theater. His reactions were believable as was his character.

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The Mephisto Covenant (The Mephisto Covenant, #1)The Mephisto Covenant by Trinity Faegen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Daughter of Heaven falling for a Son of Hell? Not likely, but that's exactly what Jax wants -no, NEED- to happen to fulfill the Mephisto Covenant and give him a shot at Heave.

At first, i was hesitant to read this book (it's not in first-person narrative and i'm partial to those), but the summary sounded SO good, and it lived up to my high expectations. At first i was confused about the CIA aspect, but Trinity Faegen did an excellent job and explained eloquently, twisting and manipulating the plot into something spectacular and leaving me salivating for the next installment. I had a lot of questions, but they were answered one by one, and strung out throughout the story instead of every detail being flung at you at once. Mystery, good vs evil and a to-die-for Romance- I highly recommend it!

~ Angela

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The Power of Six (Lorien Legacies, #2)The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Amazing sequel to I Am Number Four. The story picks up with another one of the Garde, Number Seven. A.k.a., Marina. Every few chapters it changes up and is from John's(#4) POV, and his constant left evading of the Mogodorians with Sam and Number Six. If you read and liked the first one in the series, Pittacus Lore continued the good work with The Power of Six and the ending left me wanting more. Highly recommended!

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I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Six's Legacy (Lorien Legacies, #0.5)I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Six's Legacy by Pittacus Lore

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is Six's story, how she came into her powers while in the custody of the Mogodorians, and without the guidance of her Cepan. It's a really good addition to I Am Number Four since The Power of Six doesn't focus on her background. All in all a great read...


FractureFracture by Megan Miranda

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I gave this book five stars because it was different, paranormal and yet real at the same time. It held me from the get-go and took me on a ride I didn’t expect…

Delaney Maxwell died. For eleven minutes there was no life in her body, but that didn't stop her best friend, Decker Phillips, from risking his own life and driving into the icy lake to bring her back.

Six days later, Delaney wakes up from a coma to find herself in a hospital, surrounded by doctors with dire predictions for her life expectancy. After all, she is supposed to be severely brain damaged. Yet, miraculously, her memory is intact and she’s fine… sort of.

Before long Delaney realizes she has a new “talent”— knowing when someone is about to die. It starts as an itch in her “damaged” brain that spreads into her fingertips the closer she gets to the dying.

*Spoiler Alert*
Enter Troy Varga with all of the answers. Delaney forms a bond with him because he can also sense the dying after spending three days in a coma himself, but she soon learns that he isn’t what he seems, that his obsessions with the dying and consequent job at a nursing home is his way of ending the patients’ suffering. By killing them faster than nature intends.

Delaney thinks this is murder and fears for her family and friend’s safety, because Troy had the opportunity to help her save a friend, Carson, and he didn’t. Troy is also jealous of her suddenly undefined, complicated relationship with Decker, who doesn’t trust Troy from the beginning.

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