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Thursday, August 11, 2011

"I've got a Giveaway", I sing loudly and off key!! The Space Between

The Space BetweenThe Space Between by Alexandra Sokoloff
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sixteen-year-old Anna Sullivan has never really fit in, or tried to. When she was five her mom vanished and since then she's been charged with taking care of her war-traumatized, alcoholic father.

Once Anna goes to sleep, horrible dreams seem to seek her out. They're terrible. In them she sees classmates and teachers die horrible, bloody deaths at the hands of a crazed killer. Classmate, and Anna's out-of-her-league crush, Tyler appears in these dreams too... and he always dies.

When Tyler seeks Anna out and confides that he knows what she's dreaming and he's a part of it somehow, Anna becomes convinced they're being shown the future so they can stop it... but that's not exactly the case. The truth is much deeper and mind-blowing than she could ever have imagined. Alternate universes are what they're dealing with.

This book is a work of awesome. I devoured it in less than 5 hours. Alexandra Sokoloff wove an intricate story line with threads of horror and science fiction. There were even points I laughed because her characters are so real and easy to relate to. Also, the detail in which the story is described is concise, yet absolutely amazing without all the sparkly, superfluous words of description. You are right there with Anna choking on the smoke, feeling the fear that drives her, experiencing the Santa Ana winds at your back.

I cannot stress how much i enjoyed experiencing this book. Buy it, the alternate universe you probably already has... ;p


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Now, Alexandra Sokoloff has graciously agreed to donate a copy of this book, The Space Between, to one of my commenters. To win you must be a follower and comment on this post with your name and email. This will be in e format so you must have a digital reader (ie, nook, kindle, ect)

The Contest will go until Friday Night at midnight, CST, and it is international. Afterwards the winner's email will be announced and forwarded to the author. GOOD LUCK!!

Also, i have another contest that i will do once i reach 50 followers. I will give away an ARC of The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater to one follower chosen by random.org, but only after i have 50 followers. Why 50? Because i'm feeling unloved :( So send your friends, the more the merrier!


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